Day 15

I am writing this before I have my photo for the day because I have some time, and have yet to find the right picture to accompany my thoughts.

(Here is the photo I found)

life is complicated

Yesterday I read a blog post about the search for happiness. I really connected with the concept that the search for happiness causes misery. While I don’t “pursue happiness in material possessions, in social status, and in the acceptance and recognition we get from others,” I do very often think about a vision of my life that I think will be wonderful and being the impatient person I am, I want it to begin now. What I forget is that none of what we envision for our lives will ever really come true. That is not to say we won’t one day find the perfect job, partner, adventure, etc., but rather that there will always be challenges and unexpected twists and turns on the journey to our destination.

We so often want to control the outcome of things that we miss the moments of happiness and opportunities to create moments of happiness that are along the way. All week I have been wallowing in the “not right-ness” of something I can’t control that I undoubtedly missed many opportunities for joy. If I were able to allow for a different path to my goal, perhaps I could have saved myself (and others) some misery.

Perhaps what I really need to remember is that “growth and decline are two sides of the same pole. Without one, the other can’t exist…and sometimes the most formidable growth… is none at all.” I can’t live purely in the moment all the time, but to make more of an effort not to always need to be achieving some perceived goal. I need to remember that there was a point in my life when I thought I had “everything” and then it all vanished.

None of us really know what we want or what we need, but we know what makes us happy right now, in this moment…and holding onto that and cherishing it is all that really matters.

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